Welcome to Tushita Nepal

Tushita means ‘Heaven’ in ancient Nepali language. As the name suggests, Tushita – Nepal is amidst the nature; magnificent Himalayas just in front, emerald blue lake, lush green forest rich in flora and fauna. Spectacular dramatic views compel to ponder upon mysterious creation of Nature. And, you realize yes! Tushita- Nepal is the ultimate destination for healthy body, mind and soul. Indeed, it is a paradise on earth. The picture speaks itself more than hundred pages of words.
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Yoga and Meditation

Meditation rejuvenates ones energy level and zeal and helps to upraise the Kundalini Chakra so that you can feel enlightened, far from the metaphysical world.Yoga practice will contribute to the development of a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy soul.

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Welfare Activities

  • It is still believed his existence is now around us for the welfare of humanity and balancing the law of nature. Even, Jesus Christ had come to Nepal and received blessing from Guru Gorakshanath and made the spiritual journey worthy.

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Creation for Awakenings

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